Barto Prize

The Barto Prize bestowed by renowned Eustis-born pianist Tzimon Barto is an International competition for composers developed by the celebrity classical pianist and the Lake Eustis Institute. The biennial Barto Prize is dedicated to piano compositions with literary influences since Tzimon Barto on top of his international concertizing career is also a well-known fiction writer and a poet.

Tzimon Barto Piano
Tzimon Barto piano

Barto Prize Winners

The Barto Prize was founded in 2006. Past winners include composers Claude Baker, USA, Portuguese American composer Patricio da Silva , George King of Great Britain, Kent Holliday, USA, Daniele Gasparini from Italy.

The Barto Prize Jury

Judges for International Barto Prize for Solo Piano Competition have included many illustrious names, including among others Tobias Picker from the United States, Bright Cheng from China and the U.S., and Marc-Andre Dalbavie from France, Aribert Reimann, Wolfgang Rhim, Christoph Eschenbach from Germany, and the founder, Tzimon Barto pianist, from Florida, USA.