Ojai Music Festival

The Ojai Music Festival Composition Prize is a prestigious award given to a composer in recognition of a new work that has been premiered at the Ojai Music Festival. The Ojai Music Festival is an annual music festival in Ojai, California, and features a diverse range of classical, contemporary, and world music.

The Composition Prize is awarded by a panel of judges, which typically includes music critics, composers, and other experts in the field. The prize is intended to recognize and support emerging composers' work and promote the creation and performance of new music.

Winning the Ojai Music Festival Composition Prize is a significant achievement for a classical composer, as it can bring recognition and attention to their work and help advance their career. The prize includes a cash award or other forms of support to help the composer continue to create and perform new music.

Overall, the Ojai Music Festival Composition Prize is an important part of the Ojai Music Festival and is a way to recognize and support the work of emerging composers.