Michael Kudirka

Meet Michael Kudirka, the amazing classical guitarist in Youtube Guitar Concerto "Keep Calm and Carry On" by contemporary composer Patricio da Silva.

Michael Kudirka

Michael Kudirka enjoys a diverse career as a solo recitalist, chamber musician, lutenist, and basso continuo player on both modern and period instruments.  His simultaneous interest in collaborations with living composers and artful improvisation in 16th, 17th, and 18th century music provide him with a fresh perspective on the multi-faceted traditions of the classical guitar.  Dr. Kudirka is artist/professor of guitar at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts where he teaches a studio of high school, undergraduate, and graduate students.

Michael Kudirka, guitarist
Dr. Kudirka performs around the globe and has appeared in recital at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music (China), Darmstadt Ferienkurse Fur Neue Musik (Germany), Le Chappelle Historique du Bon Pasteur (Montreal), Royal Conservatory of Music (Toronto), Conservatorio de Las Rosas (Mexico), Ono Guitar School (Japan), Palace of Fine Arts (San Francisco), Walt Disney Concert Hall (Los Angeles), Zipper Recital Hall (Los Angeles), REDCAT (Los Angeles), Flatfile Galleries (Chicago), Lincoln Recital Hall (Portland), and many others.  He has performed at numerous festivals and guitar societies including the 2011 Guitar Foundation of America Convention, Baldwin-Wallace International Guitar Festival, Portland Guitar Festival, American Guitar Society, Jacaranda – Music at the Edge, Pacific Standard Time’s Stravinsky Retrospective, Austin Classical Guitar Society, New Mexico Guitar Festival, Grand Canyon Guitar Society, Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s “Sunday’s Live”, American Composers Forum, MicroFest, Seattle Classical Guitar Society, Northwest Guitar Society, Other Minds 8, and Music of Changes.

He is a first-prize winner at the Portland International Guitar Competition, University of Southern California Guitar Concerto Competition, American String Teachers Association Guitar Competition, and Pacific Guitar Competition.  Michael Kudirka is also the recipient of many grants and awards including the prestigious Theodor Presser Foundation Award, American Composers Forum Subito Grant, California Arts Council’s Touring and Presenting Program, and induction into Pi Kappa Lambda – the national music honors society.

With guitarist Eric Benzant-Feldra, Michael Kudirka released two discs of world-premiere recordings of new music for two guitars by Veronika Krausas, Jeffrey Holmes, Naomi Sekiya, and Bryan Johanson.  In 2013, as a founding member of the Helios Guitar Quartet, he and his quartet-mates released their recording of the twenty-four preludes and of fugues that constitute the first book of J.S. Bach’s “Well-Tempered Clavier”.  In addition to the “Well-Tempered Clavier”, Dr. Kudirka has published a broad section of J.S. Bach’s pedagogical work for keyboard arranged for multiple guitars, as well as music by Josquin des Prez, Jean-Philippe Rameau, and Francesco da Milano.

An active chamber musician, Michael Kudirka currently tours in the group Duo Amantis with flutist Tara Schwab (University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point).  Their programs include original works for flute and guitar by Dusan Bogdanovic, Jeffrey Holmes, Astor Piazzolla, Patricio da Silva, Miroslav Tadic, and Toru Takemitsu as well as their own arrangements of music by Chopin, Ravel, Bach, and Couperin.

Dr. Kudirka received his BM and DMA from the University of Southern California Thornton School of Music where he studied with William Kanengiser, James Smith, and Brian Head, and his MFA from the California Institute of the Arts where he studied with Miroslav Tadic.  He has taught at the Idyllwild Arts Academy, California Institute of the Arts, University of Southern California, Interlochen Arts Academy, Interlochen Summer Arts Camp, and the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.

Michael is currently Assistant Professor of Guitar at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA) in Winston-Salem, NC.

Piano and Violin Music - Violin and Piano Sheet Music

Piano and Violin Music is, in classical music, one of the most successful combinations of instruments given the vast repertoire with plenty of gems. Now it became an industry stuck in time. What can be done?

Piano and Violin Sheet Music
Piano and Violin Sheet Music

Remember Kodak?

Remember Kodak? Kodak was a great company before digital photography came along. Then the megapixel took over film and in a matter of a few years Kodak was proven discardable. And nobody wants to be that Kodak. While the situation may look impossible it is also not hopeless.

Piano and Violin Music: A Kodak Moment

150 years ago, let me repeat that just to be clear, 150 years ago and well before the internet, the equivalent trick of pulling a rabbit out of a hat for violin players in Europe consisted of playing "salon music", flashy pieces for violin and piano, staples in rich and decadent virtuosity crafted as real nice chocolate cake. Fast forward 150 years and, I'm yet to be in a salon. In America, I've seen lots of living rooms, dinners, and rooftops; the only salons I've seen were nail salons. And that means that the only time you'll see me in a nail salon it won't be for violin music. And that's just bad news for the violin nation.

Piano and Violin Music: Solution

What is the solution to the Kodak predicament?

Modern Violin Sheet Music
Modern Violin Sheet Music

If you're looking for violin and piano music, here's music with today's pulse, where every bite is juicy. Modern Violin Sheet Music "The Situation is Impossible but not Hopeless" for violin and piano duo by contemporary composer Patricio da Silva. Customer support from dead composers it's just terrible, and it seems to be getting only worse. Our sheet music comes with great customer support, questions can be asked, and answers are provided by the composer.

There are emails to read and calls to answer, we know your time is valuable. That's right. And these seven minutes of violin and piano music are pure gold.

Our Solution

Invest in gold and play by today's gold standard. The stock market goes up and down, and good music, music by the gold standard, is always a safe investment.

Piano and Violin Sheet Music 

Download the gold standard easily today, start now.

What's inside?

Piano and violin music with great melodies, bold harmonies, and rhythms to tap.
Comes packed with wicked lines, tricksy rhythms, adventure, and humor.
It's also gluten free.

What is it for?

To provide the people of this country with good quality violin and piano music.

For which audience?

For the outlaw and the family man,
For the old lady and the newborn baby.
It's family friendly,
There's something for all.

Contemporary Violin Sheet Music
Contemporary Violin Sheet Music

Does it come with sad violin music?

Research indicates that people love sad violin music, and yes, the violin can the milked the most at being sad. So, we confirm the rumors, it does have a sad violin moment as life is not always upbeat.
Not even for the hero which here being the violin you may be certain it recovers from the ashes for a victorious win by the end of the piece.


Bursts of youth may be experienced,
and you may sense your mind drift and feel more relaxed.
Can go viral.

What do you call this type of music?

Different names, same product:

Some people call it "contemporary music" where the use of "contemporary" is justified by the fact the composer is still alive, which is the best scenario.

Others could call it contemporary music for violin and piano, or ignore the pianist's presence and just say "contemporary violin music", the truth is, the violin will always be the star.

Others yet, would favor a general view and call it "modern violin music" or just refer to it as "violin and piano music".

And a musician seeking sheet music would call it "modern violin sheet music", "contemporary violin sheet music".

Different names, same product.

Noten für Klarinettenquintett

Noten für Klarinettenquintett

Entdecken Klarinettenquintett von Komponist Patricio da Silva, Kammermusik für Klarinette und Streichquartett, uraufgeführt mit großem Erfolg und begeisterte Kritiken in der London Festival of American Music. Noten für Klarinettenquintett von Patricio da Silva kann als druckfähige Noten in PDF-Format, einschließlich Partitur und Stimmen heruntergeladen werden.

Youtube Klarinettenquintett 

clarinet, 2 violins, viola and cello


Kammermusik für Klarinette und Streichquartett

Violin and Harp Music

Violin and Harp Sheet Music
Violin and Harp Sheet Music

Violin and Harp Music

Violin and Harp Music, a new piece by contemporary American composer Patricio da Silva, an addition to the harp repertoire and modern harp music commissioned by the American Harp Society. 

This piece is Patricio da Silva's most recent addition to the contemporary harp repertoire, in particular, the violin harp music repertoire. "Violin and Harp Music" is dedicated to the Crimson Duo with Jaymee Haefner (classical harp) and Matt Milewski (violin). 

The new violin and harp sheet music is coming soon in printable digital sheet music format!

Klarinette Musik

Klarinette Musik

Klarinette Musik
Klarinette Musik

Klarinette Etude für Klarinette Solo, von zeitgenössischen Komponist Patricio da Silva ist jetzt in druckbare Noten zur Verfügung. Höre zeitgenössische Klarinettenmusik von Patricio da Silva auf Youtube und downloaden seine Klarinette Noten hier aus TheSoundStew.

Harp Music

Violin and Harp Music
Violin and Harp Music
by contemporary composer Patricio da Silva
commissioned by the American Harp Society

Harp music by contemporary American composer Patricio da Silva, modern harp music commissioned by the American Harp Society. This work is Patricio da Silva's new addition to the contemporary harp chamber music repertoire, music for harp and violin duo. This new piece "Violin and Harp Music" is dedicated to the Crimson Duo with Jaymee Haefner (harpist) and Matt Milewski (violin). A modern addition to the harp and violin repertoires, the new sheet music for violin and harp will soon be available as printable sheet music. Meanwhile here's the teaser for the upcoming sheet music by Patricio da Silva.

Violin and Harp Duets

"Violin and Harp Music", the new violin and harp duets by Patricio da Silva, is dedicated to the Crimson Duo with Jaymee Haefner (harp) and Matt Milewski (violin) from Forth Worth, Texas. A new addition to the harp and violin repertoire, the new sheet music for violin and harp will soon be available as printable sheet music. Looking for sheet music for your upcoming recitals? Send us an email and we'll let you know details about the premiere and sneak pick of the score.

Harp Music

Violin and Harp Duets music by contemporary American composer Patricio da Silva, modern harp music commissioned by the American Harp Society. This work is Patricio da Silva's most recent addition to modern harp music and chamber music repertoire. Music for harp and violin duo, this new piece "Violin and Harp Music" is dedicated to the Crimson Duo with Jaymee Haefner (harpist) and Matt Milewski (violin). 

Contemporary Piano Music

Contemporary Piano Music

Contemporary piano music is the classical piano music of today, the classical music produced by composers whose life time coincides or overlaps with yours.

Classical Music and Technology

For decades the classical music industry lived on the evolution of sound recording and its technological advancements to maintain business as usual. From mono to stereo, from gramophone record to CD, many classical orchestras, soloists, and everybody else actually recorded the same repertoire more than once in their life time to accommodate the new recording format on the market. And classical music fans actually bought the same classical music pieces in all those different formats according to the times to keep up with home entertainment technology. It wasn't the product or the message that had changed or evolved, it was the disseminating medium. Then came the internet, and the same premise that kept business as usual for many decades (changing medium) has also became the nail in the coffin.

Single-handed, Youtube has made of the entire music world a little village. The typical classical musician has no cards to play. Their regional market doesn't exist on the internet. It's just as if one would take all the Italian restaurants in the world and have them all working in one single street. All of sudden, pizza and pasta are just not that special anymore, even the special of the day, it's really not that special. Now apply the same metaphor to classical music in general, and classical pianists in particular. The street with all the recordings of Chopin Nocturnes is miles long, the street with all the Beethoven sonatas doesn't seem to have an end, and so on, and so forth. Your recording will be on the end of that street, somewhere. The likelihood of anybody noticing it not to mention listening to it is incredibly small, and it's getting smaller by the click.

contemporary piano music
Contemporary Piano Music
by Patricio da Silva

Is your classical piano recital program the same old stuff? 

When your concert program features exactly the same pieces that are and have been played millions of times by thousands of other classical pianists the likelihood of musical success is very limited. Have you counted all the Youtube classical music videos you can listen for free with all the best pianists since the beginning of sound recording playing exactly the same music? The odds of becoming the next "one in a million" celebrity pianist recording Nocturnes by Chopin are very low, not just for you, for everyone. Why? Think supply and demand. The more pianists play the same repertoire that more supply of the same musical product exists. The larger the supply, the lower the market value is. Basic economics that are true for classical music as well.

Is your piano recital the same old stuff? Seeking something far more modern to start? Indulge yourself with contemporary piano music by award winner composer Patricio da Silva, contemporary piano pieces by a contemporary composer for the modern pianist.