Music for Documentaries

TheSoundStew Studios is a media company specializing in the production of original music for documentaries, music for film, and music for video game and media industries.

Situated in Santa Barbara, California, TheSoundStew is a company conveniently located near major airports and the booming entertainment industry in Los Angeles. Equipped with a state-of-the-art recording studio and vocal booths, TheSoundStew provides a full solution for producing music for your documentary, film, or video game, delivering complete in-house production from the composing of the original score to recording and post-production. TheSoundStew takes your project from start to completion all in one place with one team, making us the ideal solution when expertise and delivery times are priorities.

For the production of documentaries, our relationships with the best talents in California allow us to deliver a great product with the highest quality resources to our clients:

  • Music for documentaries
  • Instrumental and orchestral music for documentaries
  • Music for nature documentary
  • Background music for documentary
  • Music recorded with the finest classical, jazz, and ethnic musicians
  • Voice-over recording in English or the language of your choice (male or female voice)
  • Best voice-over talents in Los Angeles
  • Best recording engineers
  • Post-production editing, mixing and mastering services
  • State-of-the-art recording studios in Santa Barbara, California 

We look forward to hearing from you and working on your project together. We work with clients all over the world. Describe us your project and tell us what and when you need it!

Clarinet Quintet Sheet Music

Clarinet Quintet sheet music now available as printable PDF. Download the contemporary Clarinet Quintet sheet music PDF quick and easy! And listen free to the Clarinet Quintet Youtube classical music video now online.

Quintet for Clarinet and Strings

Clarinet Quintet sheet music in pdf by Patricio da Silva is great classical music now available for download. You can easily print the score or read the notes from a tablet. Clarinet quintet sheet music is available in full score as well as in individual sheets for the different quintet members. Clarinet quintet sheet music is ready for download as printable PDF.

What is a Clarinet Quintet? 

A clarinet quintet is a classical music chamber music ensemble formed by one clarinet and strings - a standard string quartet with two violins, one viola, and one violoncello. The term clarinet quintet can also refer to a group of any five instruments from the clarinet family: B♭ clarinets, E♭ clarinets, alto clarinets, bass clarinets. When Clarinet Quintet is a "clarinet only" ensemble, it is most commonly called quintet of clarinets although Clarinet Quintet is often interchangeably.

Among the earliest and most influential clarinet quintets in classical and romantic chamber music repertoire (repertory) there is the Clarinet Quintet by Mozart - Quintet for Clarinet and Strings, K. 581, the Clarinet Quintet op. 34 by Carl Maria von Weber, and Johannes Brahms’ Clarinet Quintet in B minor, Op. 115. Fast forward to the present. Critically aclaimed contemporary classical music of the 21st century, Clarinet Quintet sheet music by Patricio da Silva is now conveniently available for download as printable PDF so that you can also read it on your tablet.

Quintet for Clarinet Sheet Music
Clarinet Quintet Sheet Music

Clarinet Quintet Youtube 

Listen to Clarinet Quintet by Patricio da Silva as a Youtube classical music video with famous clarinetist Carmen Izzo and one of the best Los Angeles' string quartets of contemporary classical music.

Clarinet Concerto 

The writing for the clarinet is so virtuosic that some have already called it a 21st-century clarinet concerto.

Clarinet Chamber Music

Other chamber music pieces with clarinet by contemporary classical composer Patricio da Silva are available as sheet music by simply downloading of a printable pdf.

What is a Piano Quartet?

In classical music, a piano quartet is a chamber music composition (an ensemble work) for four players typically featuring piano plus strings, namely, one violin, viola and cello.

It's more than just a coincidence that chamber music repertoire from Haydn to Schumann includes so many piano trios, piano quartets, and piano quintets. Piano and strings have provided the grounds for several very successful chamber music instrumentations. All of these groupings of one piano with strings became all too popular and sought out instrumentations by composers who wanted to make a name for themselves.

Contemporary Piano Quartet

Commissioned in 2003 and premiered in 2004 at the Cistermusica Festival in Portugal, this modern piano quartet by Portuguese-American contemporary classical composer Patricio da Silva is a three movement piece totaling 12 minutes of on stage glowing. With high energy drive, the different lines are scattered through the different instruments with occasional jazz and blues overtones, both outer movements provide a sense of forward movement and propulsion characteristic of the composer's writing style. The second movement is romantic, ritualistic at times, interwoven lyrical and sad/introspective moments.

"Piano Quartet" by Patricio da Silva received the European premiere by the Moskow Piano Quartet. The American premiere of Patricio da Silva's piano quartet took place at the 2006 Tanglewood Music Festival, summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, performed by the New Fromm Players.

Piano Quartet Sheet Music

Piano Quartet Sheet music (printable pdf of score and parts) for Piano Quartet by Patricio da Silva is available for download.

Piano Quartet Repertoire

Piano quartets by composers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Robert Schumann, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johannes Brahms, Antonín Dvořák and Gabriel Fauré are today among the most popular works in the piano quartet repertoire. The piano trio, requiring the least number of players (piano, violin, cello) it is always the easiest and cheapest to produce in a classical music concert. So, quite understandably it holds the largest volume of pieces in the chamber music repertoire, far more than piano quartets or piano quintets. With chamber music too, economics rule.

There are several examples in chamber music repertoire of piano trios, piano quartets, and piano quintets by different classical composers who themselves created two versions of the same work by r-arranging for other instruments. Brahms for example, did just that with his piano quintet and his sonata for two pianos.

About Gilberta Paiva

Gilberte Paiva is an unavoidable figure in the Portuguese music scene of the second half of the twentieth century, as educator and organizer. She managed, through the foundation of the Santa Maria da Feira Music Academy and Regional Conservatory of Aveiro, the decentralization of music education in the country. With the foundation of the Santa Cecilia Academy of Music in Portugal introduced a then-unique teaching model in Portugal, the first school of mainstream education.
Director still the Academy of Santa Maria da Feira, then created a Pro-Art delegation. As a teacher, he graduated disciples in various institutions where he taught, among which stand out pianists António Rosado, Eurico Rosado and composer Patricio da Silva.
After her retirement, she reorganized and held managerial positions at the Conservatory in Santarém. She was honored in 2000 by the Academy and the City Council of Santa Maria da Feira, in a ceremony that included the award of her name to one of the avenues of this city. In 2005, Gilberta Paiva was commended with the degree of Commander of the Order of Public Instruction, the President of the Republic, Jorge Sampaio.

About Gilberta Paiva

by Patricio da Silva

An astonishing intelligence, fearless visionary, resolute administrator, teacher of genius, able to spot and steer talent like no other. The number of jobs and careers she personally created and enabled through music is like no other case I've ever heard of, anywhere. Literally, thousands of people in Portugal, even today, owe their education and their musical careers thanks to her.

It was this woman's vision and work that changed the course of music education in Portugal, founding, organizing, and running private and semi-private conservatories and music academies all across the country. And it didn't matter where she was working, for each new school she replicated success stories. She was the living example of the power of the individual, how intelligent entrepreneurship puts to shame the bloated efforts of socialized, federalized, subsidized, state-sponsored arts bullshit. If she wanted something done, she would not stop until she had it as she wanted it, no waiting, no permission asking. When she spoke, everybody heard it. A tough cookie, she accumulated quite a set of admirers, as well as a decent collection of unfriendly relations in high places. Once one would become a close student, she would give you a line-up of warnings: because you are my student, here are the doors that won't be friendly and she would go on telling, story by story, what had happened. I got to learn the history of XXth century Portuguese classical music delivered through daily narratives of different characters, institutional intrigue, political influence, personal vendettas, and family clans, all on a first-person basis. A lesson with her was always the entire afternoon. In my last year with her, she'd already retired from all administration and official duties. I lived at her home, I would attend to school affairs at the conservatory in the morning, and then a lesson everyday starting after lunch til she would pronounce my brain dead for the day. Repertoire choices and exercises were prescribed with the rigor of medicine for ignorance. She had had the mechanics of her Bechstein piano rigged, and made heavier to muscle up the fingers, build endurance and push you to work smarter, not harder with the mechanics the piano. Performing classical music was for her, first and foremost, an art of communication, and she wanted you to play the instrument like an actor is aware of diction. "If I'm seating in the last row of chairs in the concert hall, I still need to hear crystal-clear every single note of what you're playing", she used to say.  Her biggest investments in life were human investments. Throughout her career she mentored, sponsored, and groomed the education of many individuals through music. Her students successes were her own successes. The only return on investment she asked for was for people to improve, do well, and get to work.

Musicas Classicas mais Conhecidas

Entre as musicas classicas mais conhecidas de compositores Portugueses e compositores Brasileiros se encontra o Concerto para Guitarra do compositor clássico Patricio da Silva.

Até à data continua sendo das musicas clássicas mais tocadas, mais ouvidas e mais conhecidas em centenas de transmissões por rádios de musica clássica pelo mundo inteiro, desde as Filipinas até Los Angeles, de Lisboa a Nova York. Descrita pelos críticos como uma das mais belas musicas classicas modernas para ouvir e das musicas classicas contemporâneas mais populares, aqui fica o video para poder ouvir o concerto ao vivo.

As composições musicais  de Patrício da Silva vão desde peças de música sinfónica e música para orquestra à opera, quartetos de piano, quartetos de corda, quinteto de clarinete, peças de música de camara, música para piano solo, música electrónica, música algorítmica... Residente nos EUA há mais de duas décadas, as suas obras já foram tocadas ao vivo nas melhores salas de concerto e festivais de música nos EUA e Europa, incluindo os festivais de Ojai, Tanglewood, Ravinia, e Aspen. Na Alemanha, a sua música para piano foi selecionada pelo famoso director de orquestra Christoph Eschenbach para um concerto especial para a Beethoven Haus em Bona. A sua música foi recebida com o maior sucesso pela crítica internacional, com sucessos na Alemanha, Austria, e UK.

O concerto para guitarra clássica está escrito para um solista em guitarra classica uma orquestra de 13 instrumentistas, inclui flauta, clarinete, trompete, percussao, violinos, viola, violoncelo, contrabaixo.

Clique e fique a saber mais sobre musica contemporânea de compositores Portugueses.

Music for Documentary Films

TheSoundStew Studio produces original music for documentary films adding a distinctive musical signature to your story and best defining the desired emotional tone you care identifying characters, situations, locations, cultures, or historical periods.

Background music for a documentary is very important and sets the pace and mood of the narrative. Classical instrumental music for a documentary can be especially powerful in connecting the viewer with a specific emotional tone, thus amplifying and providing depth to the original message.

Music for documentaries videos requires supplying the desired emotional tone and mood, and be easily remembered. Classical music by TheSoundStew Studio provides powerful soundtracks to define or accentuate a desired emotional tone in audience members, be it darkness or humor, be it exhilaration or introspection. Just like tones can go from soft to loud, so can we shape and elicit a wide range of emotions in the audience simply with good background music for documentary.

Whether you're making a historical, biographical or political documentary your facts and footage need a musical voice that can help shape and pace the delivery of a narrative. TheSoundStew Studio specializes in music production for documentaries from writing, arranging, orchestrating, recording, and mastering the final soundtracks. Our vast production experience can provide you the dream track performed by the best musicians in the US and Europe.

Music for Corporate Video

Music for corporate video covers anything from music for training videos to music for corporate events, music on hold for phone systems and trade show exhibitions. Despite the range of musical options and styles, nothing compares to the emotional impact of classical music in audiences.

Music for corporate videos requires the right emotional tone to be engaging and easily remembered. Classical music soundtracks can be powerful brand and product differentiators. Custom classical music by TheSoundStew provide unique style signatures that appropriately define the emotional tone for how a product, service, business or public announcement is perceived.

Whether you are producing an internal corporate training video, a corporate branding campaign, or simply need corporate background music for your powerpoint presentation, TheSoundStew can provide the perfect custom classical music for your project or business.  Previous projects include music for Hollywood films documentaries, classical music, opera, symphonic music, classical piano, and classical music video production.

Music is more than background filler. An image is a message that requires the right sounds to support it. With decades of experience and all in-house music and video production, TheSoundStew Studios crafts the classical music with the emotional tone you need for your project to be successful.