“The frequent pattern-like rhythmic interests were fascinating. The writing for clarinet was excellent, Patricio da Silva’s piece demonstrated the stylistic consistency of a composer who has something to say, certain of his own direction. Here is a genuine creative voice, his work being full of interest and beguiling invention. ” 
Robert Matthew-Walker, Musical Opinion

“A true firework of youth and strength. Percussive rhythms and repetitions (1st piece) followed by soft, almost sensual harmonies and melody sheets (2nd piece) and roaring hammers which reached the limits of the Grand Piano.” 
Das Magazin von Steinway in Austria 

“ The biggest cheer was for the work of the winner of the Barto Prize, Patricio da Silva, which Barto performed solo. Sometimes with a touch like thunder, sometimes with very tender specks.  ” 
Elisabeth Höving, WAZ-Recklinghausen

“Intoxicating-clung scales over a furious bass, single tone scales and violently seized chords. Then elegiac: from minimum clay/tone material a small melody rears up and sinks down again. Then the treble underlaid by rhythmically powerful, complex, interwoven patterns.” 
Veronica Pantel, Westdeutsche Zeitung

“The second movement plays in a sensual way with sound layers, the two other movements radiate motoric energy. Prokoffiev would have had fun, but Barto, too, was entirely in his element” 
Klaus Lipinski, Ruhr Nachrichten

“Patricio da Silva’s ensemble work, “Periodically Aperiodical, Aperiodically Periodical” proved stimulating chaos, small bundles of notes bouncing about unpredictably but pleasingly, like molecules in space.” 
Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times

“It immediately became apparent that da Silva has a real gift for melody. I found his music lyrical, appealing and original.” 
Olin Chism, Star-Telegram