Operetta Definition: What is an Operetta?

Operetta defined and re-defined: a short, lighthearted opera, typically humorous, possibly with spoken dialogue. 

Upgrade from the old Viennese Operettas and listen to:

It's Never Too Late to Lie

Music by Patricio da Silva
Libretto by Irene Dische


Julia Oesch, Mezzo-Soprano
Jens Barnieck, Piano

Operetta Defined
First Recording of
It's Never Too Late To Lie
Operetta by Patricio da Silva

Operetta Defined
It's Never Too Late To Lie
Recording by Julia Oesch, mezzo,
with pianist Jens Barnieck

Operetta Defined
Album Art for  It's Never Too Late To Lie
with Julia Oesch, mezzo,
and pianist Jens Barnieck

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