Julia Oesch/Jens Barnieck premiere Operetta "It's Never Too Late To Lie"


Julia Oesch Mezzo-Soprano
Julia Oesch, Mezzo-Soprano
Jens Barnieck Pianist
Jens Barnieck, Pianist
Duo Songways Julia Oesch, mezzo (currently with the Duesseldorf Opera Company) and Jens Barnieck, piano, premiered Operetta by composer Patricio da Silva "It's Never Too Late To Lie"  at the Gruensberg Castle near Nuremberg.

Celebrating history with the "Wagner-year" 2013, Duo Songways will be performing the Wesendonck-Lieder. Also on the program is the song cycle "Die Entsagende" ("The Renouncing One", highly estimated by Wagner) by Hans von Buelow as well as the epic song cycle "Gudruns Sorg" by Danish composer Peter Heise. The latter song cycle is based on the elder Edda-Legend, closely linked to the Nibelungen story.

The operetta "Never too late to lie" is a work by Portuguese-American composer Patrício da Silva with libretto by German-American author, playwright, and librettist Irene Dische.

One can get the Operetta by clicking on this link:

Operetta by composer Patricio da Silva