Contemporary Piano Music

Contemporary Piano Music

Contemporary piano music is the classical piano music of today, the classical music produced by composers whose life time coincides or overlaps with yours.

Classical Music and Technology

For decades the classical music industry lived on the evolution of sound recording and its technological advancements to maintain business as usual. From mono to stereo, from gramophone record to CD, many classical orchestras, soloists, and everybody else actually recorded the same repertoire more than once in their life time to accommodate the new recording format on the market. And classical music fans actually bought the same classical music pieces in all those different formats according to the times to keep up with home entertainment technology. It wasn't the product or the message that had changed or evolved, it was the disseminating medium. Then came the internet, and the same premise that kept business as usual for many decades (changing medium) has also became the nail in the coffin.

Single-handed, Youtube has made of the entire music world a little village. The typical classical musician has no cards to play. Their regional market doesn't exist on the internet. It's just as if one would take all the Italian restaurants in the world and have them all working in one single street. All of sudden, pizza and pasta are just not that special anymore, even the special of the day, it's really not that special. Now apply the same metaphor to classical music in general, and classical pianists in particular. The street with all the recordings of Chopin Nocturnes is miles long, the street with all the Beethoven sonatas doesn't seem to have an end, and so on, and so forth. Your recording will be on the end of that street, somewhere. The likelihood of anybody noticing it not to mention listening to it is incredibly small, and it's getting smaller by the click.

contemporary piano music
Contemporary Piano Music
by Patricio da Silva

Is your classical piano recital program the same old stuff? 

When your concert program features exactly the same pieces that are and have been played millions of times by thousands of other classical pianists the likelihood of musical success is very limited. Have you counted all the Youtube classical music videos you can listen for free with all the best pianists since the beginning of sound recording playing exactly the same music? The odds of becoming the next "one in a million" celebrity pianist recording Nocturnes by Chopin are very low, not just for you, for everyone. Why? Think supply and demand. The more pianists play the same repertoire that more supply of the same musical product exists. The larger the supply, the lower the market value is. Basic economics that are true for classical music as well.

Is your piano recital the same old stuff? Seeking something far more modern to start? Indulge yourself with contemporary piano music by award winner composer Patricio da Silva, contemporary piano pieces by a contemporary composer for the modern pianist.