Trombone Fanfares: Trombone Trio Sheet Music

Trombone Fanfares

Trombone Fanfares, permission to have fun with humorous, cool trombone music for the folks who play bad to the bone. It should rock you like a tornado: Trombone Fanfares, contemporary classical music for the people by composer Patricio da Silva.

Trombone Sheet Music

Did I say trombone trio sheet music? Yes I did.
For the bad boys and bad girls who treat their horn how it should.
Feel free to download cool trombone trio sheet music (printable trombone trio pdf) by contemporary classical composer Patricio da Silva:

Trombone Fanfare for Trombone Trio I: What Happens When Nobody's Watching
Trombone Fanfare for Trombone Trio II: What Happens When Everybody's Watching