Piano and Violin Music - Violin and Piano Sheet Music

Piano and Violin Music is, in classical music, one of the most successful combinations of instruments given the vast repertoire with plenty of gems. Now it became an industry stuck in time. What can be done?

Piano and Violin Sheet Music
Piano and Violin Sheet Music

Remember Kodak?

Remember Kodak? Kodak was a great company before digital photography came along. Then the megapixel took over film and in a matter of a few years Kodak was proven discardable. And nobody wants to be that Kodak. While the situation may look impossible it is also not hopeless.

Piano and Violin Music: A Kodak Moment

150 years ago, let me repeat that just to be clear, 150 years ago and well before the internet, the equivalent trick of pulling a rabbit out of a hat for violin players in Europe consisted of playing "salon music", flashy pieces for violin and piano, staples in rich and decadent virtuosity crafted as real nice chocolate cake. Fast forward 150 years and, I'm yet to be in a salon. In America, I've seen lots of living rooms, dinners, and rooftops; the only salons I've seen were nail salons. And that means that the only time you'll see me in a nail salon it won't be for violin music. And that's just bad news for the violin nation.

Piano and Violin Music: Solution

What is the solution to the Kodak predicament?

Modern Violin Sheet Music
Modern Violin Sheet Music

If you're looking for violin and piano music, here's music with today's pulse, where every bite is juicy. Modern Violin Sheet Music "The Situation is Impossible but not Hopeless" for violin and piano duo by contemporary composer Patricio da Silva. Customer support from dead composers it's just terrible, and it seems to be getting only worse. Our sheet music comes with great customer support, questions can be asked, and answers are provided by the composer.

There are emails to read and calls to answer, we know your time is valuable. That's right. And these seven minutes of violin and piano music are pure gold.

Our Solution

Invest in gold and play by today's gold standard. The stock market goes up and down, and good music, music by the gold standard, is always a safe investment.

Piano and Violin Sheet Music 

Download the gold standard easily today, start now.

What's inside?

Piano and violin music with great melodies, bold harmonies, and rhythms to tap.
Comes packed with wicked lines, tricksy rhythms, adventure, and humor.
It's also gluten free.

What is it for?

To provide the people of this country with good quality violin and piano music.

For which audience?

For the outlaw and the family man,
For the old lady and the newborn baby.
It's family friendly,
There's something for all.

Contemporary Violin Sheet Music
Contemporary Violin Sheet Music

Does it come with sad violin music?

Research indicates that people love sad violin music, and yes, the violin can the milked the most at being sad. So, we confirm the rumors, it does have a sad violin moment as life is not always upbeat.
Not even for the hero escapes having a not so good day. The hero here being, of course, the violin you may be certain it recovers from the ashes for a victorious win by the end of the piece.


Bursts of youth may be experienced,
and you may sense your mind drift and feel more relaxed.
Can go viral.

What do you call this type of music?

Different names, same product:

Some people call it "contemporary music" where the use of "contemporary" is justified by the fact the composer is still alive, which is the best scenario.

Others could call it contemporary music for violin and piano, or ignore the pianist's presence and just say "contemporary violin music", the truth is, the violin will always be the star.

Others yet, would favor a general view and call it "modern violin music" or just refer to it as "violin and piano music".

And a musician seeking sheet music would call it "modern violin sheet music", "contemporary violin sheet music".

Different names, same product.