Music for Corporate Video

Music for corporate video covers anything from music for training videos to music for corporate events, music on hold for phone systems and trade show exhibitions. Despite the range of musical options and styles, nothing compares to the emotional impact of classical music in audiences.

Music for corporate videos requires the right emotional tone to be engaging and easily remembered. Classical music soundtracks can be powerful brand and product differentiators. Custom classical music by TheSoundStew provide unique style signatures that appropriately define the emotional tone for how a product, service, business or public announcement is perceived.

Whether you are producing an internal corporate training video, a corporate branding campaign, or simply need corporate background music for your powerpoint presentation, TheSoundStew can provide the perfect custom classical music for your project or business.  Previous projects include music for Hollywood films documentaries, classical music, opera, symphonic music, classical piano, and classical music video production.

Music is more than background filler. An image is a message that requires the right sounds to support it. With decades of experience and all in-house music and video production, TheSoundStew Studios crafts the classical music with the emotional tone you need for your project to be successful.