American Composers Violin Piano Duet "The Situation Is Dramatic" Patricio da Silva

The Situation Is Dramatic But Not Hopeless, a piano violin duet by American composer Patricio da Silva, is now available in printable digital sheet music. The downloadable and printable sheet music includes both the complete score (pianist score) and the individual violin music part in pdf format.

title: Situation Is Dramatic But Not Hopeless
composer: Patricio da Silva
instrumentation: violin and piano duet; dueto para violino e piano
duration: 8 minutes
year: 1998, rev. 2011
file type: digital sheet music, printable pdf

Program Notes:

 "The Situation is Dramatic but not Hopeless", a duet for violin and piano, presents a three-part musical story where as time passes a continuing narrative takes on different stylistics traits, melodic and rhythmic motives are introduced and developed but never re-exposed or recapitulated, as a change or departure from the ongoing material meanwhile occurs.

The three main sections of  "The Situation"outline a typical narrative layout with an introduction, a development, and a conclusion, a template of a violin sonata or a literary novel of sorts. As the listener follows the evolution of the musical motives, musical style mutates. Within each section, the listener is presented with a musical idea that as it develops its grammar changes, its discourse grows, evolves, radicalizes, and dissolves while forming the new, next motive and section.

The Situation is Dramatic but not Hopeless is dedicated to Ming Tsu, and Lorenz Gamma who premiered this duet for violin and piano.

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